Whole genome sequencing of the plant growth promoting rhizobacterium, Bacillus endophyticus

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Type of project: KFU Nasher Track

Start date: 10/11/2020

End date: 14/05/2021


Bacillus endophyticus is a gram-positive, rod-shaped cell thta exists as a soil plant-endophytic bacterium. The aim of the current research was to conduct a whole genome sequencing of B. endophyticus using Illumina platform. To this end, total genomic DNA of B. endophyticus  was extracted using DNA extraction kit (Qiagen), quantified using Nanodrop. High-quality DNA was further processed for preparation of paired-end sequencing library using the NEBNext UltraDNA library prep kit for Illumina.  Generated libraries were then sequenced using the next generation sequencing by Illumina platform.   Sequence data quality was assessed using appropriate software. The de novo assemblies were performed. The sequences were deposited in the gene bank.   Additionally, the plant-growth promoting features of the were assessed.  The study highlights the significance of using whole genome  technology and opens wide doors for further in-depth studies for potential application of this bacterium as a biofertlizer for sustainable agriculture, in Al-Ahsa region, in future.


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